It has been more than a year since my last post on this blog. The year has been a series of professional and personal changes. I am back in Bangalore, my favorite city! As a photographer, my experience has expanded across various genres.  I worked for a photo agency for a short duration. The job profile included everything from model portfolio to food photography. 

I traveled across the country shooting Interiors for real estate companies and clients from the hospitality sector.  Architecture Photography is all about the lines. Since I wasn't working with tilt-shift lens, a lot distortion correction was involved in the post processing. Most of the images were shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 17-40 L lens. Yes, I shifted to canon for that short period! and it was a pain to unlearn the Nikon habits.  Shooting interiors required a lot of planning as regards to the lighting structure. Using a tripod and a shutter release would not give you satisfactory results, unless you are a fan of blown out windows and lighting fixtures.  Using remote flashes and strobes as fill lights or even main lights, and bracketing the shoots is the technique I usually used while shooting interiors.  I also had to master the art of shooting 360 degree virtual tours using a manfrotto 303SPH Spherical Panorama head.  The amount of curses uttered in the initial stages, when the software would just not stitch the images was unbelievable.  But once you master the equipment, its a great marketing tool that photographers can use as a value add while targeting clients in the hospitality sector. 

Another genre in which I gained experience was event photography.  I am not a big fan of event photography as there are too many variables and I prefer to have control over my shooting environment.  But event photography has its advantages too.  It helps sharpen your instincts and pre visualize your shots.  Shooting in a studio is pretty simple, set your shutter speed to your sync speed and then go creative with the lights and themes you use. However, in an event, you don't control the light, nor do you have much control over your subject.  So being in the right place at the right time, and having the correct exposure settings would mean, you have to be one step ahead of the event all the time. 

 There were quiet a few funny incidents along the way, including shooting a short kollywoodish film with a couple engaged to be married the next week.  I will keep those stories for the subsequent posts.  

Well, I have revamped the website completely, shifting to the other extreme of the color scheme and changing the page elements.  I hate waiting for slideshows to load whenever I visit a photographer's website, so I made it a priority to ensure the slideshow application loads quickly.  I have timed how long the slideshow application takes to load and it starts up in an average of 20 seconds which is fast by most standards.  Btw, I have a paltry 250 kbps connection right now. thanks to BSNL's service, so I assume it would be much faster for others.